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Connect with the users in an interesting way with smart UI/UX solutions.

Digital Labz is one of the pioneered web design company in Thrissur, Kerala who knows that a poorly designed webpage can destroy your brand image even before it can build. We focus on generating top-notch UX/UI designs which are based on visually attractive and impersive design concepts as per end-users needs.

Our path-breaking UX/UI designs enhance the interaction between the client’s target audience and their digital presence. Our solutions not only helps in improving your brand value, but also in maximizing your revenues and sales. We work to better the quality of your web space by focussing on:-

Choosing Interface Elements:- User Interface (UI) Design developers work to understand what users might require to do while including interface elements on the website. Clients must know that their end-users have become used to of certain interface elements functionality and therefore must select those elements which are predictable.

These elements can include- navigational components (icons, slider, search field, pagination, breadcrumb) containers, informational components (notifications, progress bar, message boxes) and input controls (radio buttons, dropdown lists, buttons, text fields). Client’s must consider the trade-offs when multiple elements are required for displaying content.

Factors for best UX/UI designs:-When it comes to design top-notch and usable UX/UI designs, it becomes essential that clients must be aware of their customer’s tendencies, skills, and preferences. We keep the following points in mind before beginning with designing:-

• Maintaining consistency and making use of common UI/UX elements to let end-users feel comfortable while operating the site. Avoiding unnecessary elements and create patterns in language, layout, and design throughout the site.

• Increase scanning, legibility, and readability of important items by paying attention to the page layout. By carefully placing the items on the page, use of typeface(arrangement of the text different fonts, sizes etc.), and working with color, contrast, light, and texture, we can either attract an audience or withdraw them.

• To avoid frustration among your end-users, we make the best use of informational interface elements to inform them about current status, errors if any, notifications and more. We can even work with defaults like creating pre-filled out or pre-chosen forms on your website to ease the burden on the end-user.

Principles of the User-Interface Designs:- Principles are basically high-level concepts which assist in designing and developing the best software product. Some of the important ones which we understand and follow are:-

• Allowing users to explore unfamiliar products and web portals without any sense of fear of not able to Undo their mistakes. By having complete control of the interface elements,end-users can always leave the unwanted state and can begin from step 1. Visual cues ease the navigation and users never have to wonder about “What is this button for?” or “How did I get to this screen?”
• We focus on a diverse set of users from an expert (shortcuts are given) to novice or casual users(tutorials or explanations are provided) when it comes to making them feel comfortable while interacting with the product. Our designs contain valuable and relevant content in easy to read the language and no tedious data-entry sequence elements. Users can never lose their work due to system errors or any internet issues.

• Our designs help in reducing cognitive loads by minimizing the number of actions expected from the users while interacting with any product. Visual aids help support users in recognizing information.

• Through the principle of consistency in UX/UI design elements, users can shift their knowledge from one part of the app UI to another.

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Choosing Interface Elements

Since users are familiar with interface elements acting in a certain way, we will be consistent and predictable in our choices and layout. Doing this will help with task completion, efficiency, and satisfaction.

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Factors for Best UX/UI DESIGN

Everything stems from knowing your users, including understanding their goals, skills, preferences, and tendencies. So we ensure to consider the following factors..

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Principles of the User Interface Design

There are three fundamental principles involved in the use of the visible language.

  • Organize: provide the user with a clear and consistent conceptual structure
  • Economize: do the most with the least amount of cues
  • Communicate: match the presentation to the capabilities of the user.