Linkedin marketing is one of the most used social media application for marketing. We can use Linkedin to meet new clients. This social media application can help in expanding the business market. Generally b2b marketing is recommended through Linkedin.


Linkedin, at first was used mainly for human resource recruitment purpose. Introduction of business in Linkedin, has increased the scope of online marketing. A good video with a good content, can gain attention of the clients.  Linkedin videos has become very popular now a days.


The videos are directly uploaded to Linkedin and later changes are brought in the video using Linkedin plaform, and this process is called Native video. According to surveys, native video is more popular than normal videos. Companies are trying to add more native videos to the linkedin. Link native video automatically display in linkedin news feed.


They are sponsored videos that company uses to expand their business through Linkedin.  It helps to create brand awareness.  Linkedin video ads can run for 30 minutes whereas others can run only for 10 minutes. Linkedin video ads has  a special purpose.

Linkedin has an extraordinary capability to attract more clients. Linkedin  Application can be used to achieve multiple purpose and hence it is very significant application.


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